Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Be Talkin' Shit

Ya'll know I tend to go on hiatus. This will all change as sooooooooooooon as I get my degree. Until then, sporadic it is. Right now I should still be working on my literary theory paper. I'm discussing Zora Neale Hurston and feminist criticism. This paper is gonna be good. I love fact, if I ever have another daughter that'll be one of her names probably.

In other news, I went to Barnes and Noble today for the first time in a long time. Now I remember why I stayed my black ass out of there. BUT, I got some good books and here are the titles:

1. Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood- a memoir by bell hooks
2. Drown- a collection of short stories by Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz, I picked this one up because suga said it was the business
3. The Narrows- Ann Petry's third novel I believe, I'd never even heard of it before I saw it today
4. Fruit of the Lemon- by Andrea Levy...another one I saw on suga's page. I've heard good things about this book from a couple of people so it's worth a shot
5. Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory- DAMNIT!!! if I had found this book back in August, when the semester started, maybe I coulda blogged a little more. SMH!
6. Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them- I love dictionaries like these....very interesting stuff
and finally
7. a new journal....and it's the shit, it's brown leather with some type of goldish bronzish color in there too....

So yeah, I added 6 more books (or really 4) to my "To Read" list...and that's in addition to the other 182 that I haven't read yet.

Here's a poem that I wrote not too long ago. It ain't all that, but it's mine.
Like to read it, here it go:

I used to get butterflies
when I thought of you
Stopped everything to be
sure I was free
whenever you called
I thought I had it all...
in you
Didn't realize that this
was nothing more
than a slave/master
I only had
one of you
I was one
of your many
Never top priority
It's taken me awhile
BUT my eyes are open now
And I'm tired of writing
love poems about you
So consider this one the last...
at least for a while

Ok, now back to getting work done.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rantin' and Ravin' and OBAMA!

It's been a few days. I hate when I do this, because I forget all the crazy shit I wanted to write, lol.

Went to court the other day for a speeding ticket. The trooper that got me had also gotten about 3/4 of the other people there...what an asshole, lol. I even asked for a warning, thinkin' "shiiiit, my eyebrows are fresh, my lipgloss is poppin', I got this in the bag", ONLY to be played completely to the left. LMAO. I felt so dumb...I really was tryna be sexy! Anyway, so I'm at court...'cuz Honey don't believe in paying in advance when you could possibly have the ticket reduced or even thrown out. I don't know if I just have a friendly face

EVERY man in there, for whatever reason, wanted to talk to me that mornin'. Married, prolly married with no ring on, fat, short, tall, bald....all them niggas thought they was runnin' G.

***I started this blog a week, so triflin'***
On to the next...
OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! I am so excited about all the possibilities. Since I'm late as hell and all the other blogs I read have already covered this issue I'll leave it at that. LOL.

I've been reading Fledgling by Octavia Butler, and so far it is really good. Just a sidenote for all you who love to read.

Have any of ya'll seen this hot ass mess? Why she ain't tell her mama to take that shit off?!?! I mean she's not ugly, but some moms need to realize that being considered a MILF is not in their future. Let it go. And her man know he wrong too, damnit. Just 'cuz he might like it, he know most brotha's don't wanna see that "mom jean turned club outfit" ass shit. Goodness.

I wanna go on vacation so bad. I think I'm gonna start planning to take a cruise next summer. Nothing major. I didn't really travel too much this year. I went to Jersey a couple of times with friends, of course New York a couple of times with friends and alone

...where else could i get that red ass nose, Myrtle Beach with the girls

(can the church say AMEN?!?!), North Carolina with the fam
(now THAT'S a milf, LMAO!)
Orlando with the boo
and that's it so far....other than trips to DC which I take on the regular.

One more thing before I go...I hate that we gotta use html codes now instead of just draggin' our damn pic where we want it to go!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pretty Much Famous

Hey everybody. Shit has been pretty eventful here lately. Nothin' major...just everyday happenin's. The main thing on my mind right now is finding a grad school. I want to teach African American Lit on the college level. Basically, I'm trying to construct the best grad program to do that. I'm getting really excited about that.

But FIRST, I need to graduate. Suga definitely properly diagnosed me with SENIORITIS!!!! And it's teeeeeeerrrrrible ya'll. I can't bring myself to read anything or complete half of my assignments. I got about 7 weeks left to get it together and I know I can do it.

I don't know if any of ya'll have tried to tune in to my show. I haven't been on-air in about 2 weeks. Somebody got a damn virus on the, until further notice, all shows have been put on hold.

I'm almost finished reading The Secret Life of Bees. Pretty good book. The thing that keeps fuckin' with my head is that Rosaleen in the book seems much older, bigger, and overall more slave-like than J.Hud*. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm curious as to how they will play those roles...particularly J. Hud and Queen. AND, I can't wait to join in on the discussion with We Be Readin' Books...and Shit book club. (For info on that check out the Naked and Natural blog on the left)

And now for the big news:
Last night, I met one of my all-time FAVORITE authors....which is why I'm pretty much, almost, kinda, famous now! Well, ask me who it is. "Who's the author Honey?" Aight, aight, damn ya'll ain't gotta rush me!

WALTER DAMN MOSLEY!!!!! oK!!!! I love this man. He was so damn cool too, the shit was ridiculous. He talked to the audience about living "The Literary Life"...he was funny. He walked in the room, wearing his signature all black, and took my breath away. Only a true lover of the written word could possibly feel this way just from seeing an author. Most people, including my man, don't give a damn. I was so excited to tell him that I'd gotten the chance to talk to him for a few and take a picture with him....this Grammy winning, critically acclaimed crafter of words. This man who takes the problems of Black men and puts it into words so fluidly and vividly that even white women understand. I love Walter Mosley. And he loves me too...come on now, ya'll see him all up on me in the picture, LMAO!

This one older lady was clearly throwin' the pussy at him from all angles, lol!. I mean she got her book signed and gave him what I assumed was the smoldering eye. She laughed, throwing her head back...I presume this was so that she could elongate her neck and get her face out of the way of her breasts, which were one sneeze away from being on the table. The kicker, though, was when she jumped into the line next to the book-signing to BUY ANOTHER book. She got BACK in line and waited again until she got back to Mosley. This time she pulled the same flirtatious bullshit only to be pushed to the side when he declared that it was "time to take this picture with Honey". Heeeey. He know my name ya'll. LOL! I saw my old African American Lit professor there and made her take a pic with us too. She said I was embarrassing her...but I assured her it was ok ('cuz shit i'm famous too now). I'm so glad he came here. Obama was here last night too...but since I've already seen him I had to go check out the reading.

It sucks that none of my friends are into the type of reading that I'm into. I'm not knocking Girls in da Hood 1-14, but I enjoy real (in my eyes) literature. (When asked about "Urban Lit", Mosley said he couldn't be mad at anybody reading a book. And once they get bored with that they'd go looking for some more enriching material...just a matter of time.) I couldn't even brag to any of them who I'd met, talked to, and took a picture with. Because 1. they wouldn't know who he was and 2. they wouldn't care if they did. Wish I knew more people that were passionate about African American literature. Ah well.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fuck That! I AM my hair!!!!!

Writing from the hospital...and this is really probably illegal or something, lol. Anyway, I'm gonna make this one short. I wanted to put together a little slide show of the transformations I've made as far as my hair goes.

I got my last relaxer in September of 2006 when I went to New Jersey to visit a friend. I will never forget...I stayed up until like 2 in the morning getting that damn shit because I had to have fresh roots for my birthday, lol.

Thinking back, I'm not sure what made me make the transition. Maybe all the years of me complaining about needing a perm and everyone responding the same, "Girl please, you don't NEED nothing." Maybe it was looking at my mother's natural waves and my father's head full of curls that made me wonder what I was made of.

Whatever reason I did it....going natural has been one of the best decisions I've made recently. I'm never going back to the dark side, lol. Here is a slide show of my different hairstyles. My silk wrap still looks like I have a relaxer.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What's goin' on everybody? I don't know why I can't write consistently to save my life. Guess I'll start at the top. First of all, I just celebrated my birthday on September 21st. Virgo's STAND UP! Glory to God for all my blessings...especially being able to be another year wiser and stronger!

I've fallen in love with some stuff lately. Like to hear it, here it go...Solange's new cd, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, is that shit. I LOVE IT! It has a kind of Motown flavor, which I guess is 'in' right now as Saddiq's new album has that type of vibe too. My favorite songs are God Given Name, T.O.N.Y., WOULD'VE BEEN THE ONE, and Valentine's Day. The cd is definitely worth buying.

I've always been in love with chocolate chip cookies. Damn if Royal Farms (a gas station) don't make the best ones. Them shits are CRACK! So chewy. So soft. Perfection. What's real sad is that the chicks in there know me. Everytime I go in I buy 5 bags (3 for .99 per bag). And everytime they get an attitude. Now I try to remain calm and refrain from reminding these bitches that no one dragged their ass to this damn gas station and forced them to work here. DO YOUR JOB BITCH AND GIVE ME MY DAMN COOKIES! At least I never completely clean them out. I always leave at least one stack for the other customers.

Which brings me to my next point. One of my biggest pet peeves is bad customer service. I hate when people act like they don't want to be at work. Don't get me wrong, I know we all have our bad days, myself included...but damn! I know ya'll have been somewhere and you can tell damn well that the person doesn't want to help you. From restaurants to the movie theatre. Seriously, if you don't wanna help me find the shoes in my size then bitch don't work at Dillard's SHOE DEPARTMENT. Get a fuckin' clue and go get a job you like. Two nights ago (and I know Iwas wrong) me and my homegirl went to McDonald's, placed a small order, and pull up to the first window. We were met with this greasy ass chick with this bitch ass look on her face. I asked 'How much?' She mumbled some shit under her breath. I repeated 'How much?' She said 'I saaaiiiiiid 7.26.' I looked left, right, in front of my car, behind my car....'cuz I KNOW this chick ain't talkin' to me. My homegirl sees the shit is about to hit the fan so she reminds me to keep it ladylike. I took a deep, DEEP breath and handed her a $10. While I was waiting for the change my homegirl is like 'What the fuck is wrong with that bitch?' I thought about it for a second and could not come up with any reason for her to be talking to me, a complete stranger, like that. Now judging from her blue and burgandy 27 piece, I could assume she was from 12th Street in Downtown Newport News somedamnwhere (<--that's called an infix- your English lesson for the day). I decided to do something nice for the less fortunate. As she was about to hand me my change, I said 'You know what go 'head and keep that...get your damn hair done or something. I'd be mad as hell if I was pushing 30 working here too. Greasy bitch.' I pulled off before she could respond or else my ass may have been fighting Rasputia's big sister.


Check me out if you can on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2 at DJ Honey B. definitely brings you the business.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am wo' DOWN ya'll. School is....going. It's all good, but this semester I don't feel connected to a couple of my classes at ALL. The material is downright boring and I can't force myself to read some of the shit they put before me.

I started my show last week...or it might of been the week before last. It's going pretty well. I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the equipment. I'm also still trying to find myself behind the mic. The thing is the show is broadcast on campus television, so I always gotta make sure my shit is intact aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd I gotta make sure that I'm cute at all times....even when the music is playin', lol. A couple of people at the station have been very friendly and welcoming though, and that is much appreciated. Ya'll can listen if you're interested. DJ Honey B. is on air every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2. The show is fairly short, but if you get the opportunity tune in and let me know what you think. Seriously.

In other news, I'm really disturbed by this new season of ANTM. Not because of Isis, but because of the other women who feel that they can belittle her or deserve to be there more than her due to the fact that she' know. I can not STAND discrimination...but I hate it even more when it's clear that in reality they are all hatin'. I mean, damn, Isis looks better than a couple of those girls. Clark was one of them. And I'm sorry, but clearly somebody done told her wrong. She looks like the damn transgender of the show and got nerve enough to talk about somebody else. On the first episode, I was SOOOO glad when that one girl with the glasses got sent home. She was talkin' cash shit about Isis. Sayin' she was the least of her worries, blah, blah, blah. Take ya hatin' ass home chile. She gots to feel stupid as hell....cuz it's people like me all over America laughin' our asses off.

In keeping with reality television, what the fuck is up with Kenley on Project Runway? Seriously. I love her style and she's a good designer, but can you please shut the fuck up sometimes. I hate when people, who are aspiring to be/do something, overtalk the people that are already there. It irks me to NOO end. I understand she has to defend her garment and so forth...but can Heidi at least get out her complete statement before you open your damn mouth? How about Michael Kors, who by the way is responsible for the creation of some bad ass shoes? Aren't you trying to get where he's at? Thought so. So, shut the hell up and take heed. Further, it's about time Joe's ass got sent home. I feel like he should have left a looooong time ago. Definitely before my girl Terri.

I love her curls, though, way better than her designs. Back to the point. So when Joe was being critiqued tonight, Kenley and her client bust out laughing. If I was Joe I probably would have emptied her gas tank....seriously. How unprofessional is that? Grow the hell up and be thankful that you're safe...because that shit you sent down the runway for the Zodiac Challenge should have been the end of your ass. I'm a stickler for professionalism I guess.

I see I had a visitor from Africa and one from somewhere in Asia (i think...hell I'm an English major for a reason). That's exciting as hell. Hey ya'll, lol.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

since I last posted. My daughter started Kindergarten yesterday. That girl acted a fool. She's been in school for the past two years, and last school year she took the bus. This experience, yesterday, was nothing new for me. I didn't cry at all...but damn if my daughter didn't cut UP! I mean she cried like she was being sent to Cuba. Drama Queen.

Classes have been going okay. All my instructors are on point. The material in one, and sometimes two, of the classes is so damn boring. But I won't be bored when I'm walkin' my ass across that stage in May so I just need to keep it together.

I told ya'll that I'm one of the new personalities on my college radio station. I just got my slot yesterday :) I'm on air Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2. Ow! Ow! I am too damn excited....but still nervous. This morning I went and sat in on another personality's show. It was a lot of fun and I got on the mic to let them know they need to look out for me soon. I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. Everybody at the station has been nothing but nice, so I look forward to working with the team.

I was at Walgreen's the other day and saw this license plate. I thought it was the shit.Do ya'll get it? A lot of people havejust said bein' black, payin' no attention the heart. The plate reads LOVE Bein' Black....and I know I do, lol.

Another picture I love is one of my daughter and grandfather. I took this at our family reunion.

I call it Bridging the Gap. A couple years back I took an African American History course. We had a project to research our lineage...15 page minimum. I never realized, until this point, how important it is to know your history. For example, I never knew that my maternal grandmother's grandfather was responsible for constructing the first school house for Black children in Surry County, Virginia. Nor did I know that my mother's grandfather was a full-blood Italian man by the name of Anthony Amato. He lived in Portland, Maine. There is a family restaurant Italian joint called Amato's. One day I want to go, show my face, and see what I can see. I make it a point that my daughter knows her history. Starting with her parents, then her grandparents, and then her great-grandparents. She spends a lot of time with my grandparents. They adore her and the wisdom they can bestow is something she can't get from anywhere else. Have any of you ever traced your roots?