Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Be Talkin' Shit

Ya'll know I tend to go on hiatus. This will all change as sooooooooooooon as I get my degree. Until then, sporadic it is. Right now I should still be working on my literary theory paper. I'm discussing Zora Neale Hurston and feminist criticism. This paper is gonna be good. I love fact, if I ever have another daughter that'll be one of her names probably.

In other news, I went to Barnes and Noble today for the first time in a long time. Now I remember why I stayed my black ass out of there. BUT, I got some good books and here are the titles:

1. Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood- a memoir by bell hooks
2. Drown- a collection of short stories by Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz, I picked this one up because suga said it was the business
3. The Narrows- Ann Petry's third novel I believe, I'd never even heard of it before I saw it today
4. Fruit of the Lemon- by Andrea Levy...another one I saw on suga's page. I've heard good things about this book from a couple of people so it's worth a shot
5. Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory- DAMNIT!!! if I had found this book back in August, when the semester started, maybe I coulda blogged a little more. SMH!
6. Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them- I love dictionaries like these....very interesting stuff
and finally
7. a new journal....and it's the shit, it's brown leather with some type of goldish bronzish color in there too....

So yeah, I added 6 more books (or really 4) to my "To Read" list...and that's in addition to the other 182 that I haven't read yet.

Here's a poem that I wrote not too long ago. It ain't all that, but it's mine.
Like to read it, here it go:

I used to get butterflies
when I thought of you
Stopped everything to be
sure I was free
whenever you called
I thought I had it all...
in you
Didn't realize that this
was nothing more
than a slave/master
I only had
one of you
I was one
of your many
Never top priority
It's taken me awhile
BUT my eyes are open now
And I'm tired of writing
love poems about you
So consider this one the last...
at least for a while

Ok, now back to getting work done.


  1. I love Zora too. Fruit of the Lemon was a great book. Once you're done, read "Small Island". It's even better.

    Good poem.

  2. nice i likes.... it's good to write lets you get over some things that you might be holding inside.

    nice blog!

  3. Just floating through blog world to see what you got.

    Yes, you keep it sporadic.

  4. thanks joi...kofi....i'm 'bout to get better.


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